Presentations at ISP2S2 2014(11/30/2014)
We have these presentations at ISP2S2 to be held in Kobe, Japan from December 2. Reiji Suda, “Developments and experiences in Xevolver, an extensible code transformation system for supporting software evolution” Fumihiko Ino, “An extension of OpenACC for pipelined execution of large datasets” Kazuhiko Komatsu, “High-productive OpenMP migration using compile information” Shoichi Hirasawa, Tohoku Univ./JST […]
A presentation at CANDAR 2014(09/30/2014)
Shohei Ando will conduct the presentation below at CANDAR 2014 to be held in Shizuoka from December 10. Shohei Ando, Fumihiko Ino, Toru Fujiwara, and Kenichi Hagihara. “A Parallel Algorithm for Enumerating Joint Weight of a Binary Linear Code in Network Coding”. Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Networking and Computing, pp. xx–xx, (2014-12).
Presentations at SC 2014(09/30/2014)
We have these presentations at SC 2014 to be held in New Orleans, LA, USA from November 16. Tomochika Kato, Fumihiko Ino, and Kenichi Hagihara. “PACC: An Extension of OpenACC for Pipelined Processing of Large Data on a GPU”. Poster in the 27th International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, (2014-11). Ryusuke […]