Presentations at ISP2S2 2014

We have these presentations at ISP2S2 to be held in Kobe, Japan from December 2.

  • Reiji Suda, “Developments and experiences in Xevolver, an extensible code transformation system for supporting software evolution”
  • Fumihiko Ino, “An extension of OpenACC for pipelined execution of large datasets”
  • Kazuhiko Komatsu, “High-productive OpenMP migration using compile information”
  • Shoichi Hirasawa, Tohoku Univ./JST CREST, “Enhancing Performance Portability of Real Applications Using Xevolver”
  • Takahashi Daisuke, “Parallel Numerical Libraries with Xevolver towards Exa-Scale Systems”
  • Ken’ichi Itakura, “Designing an HPC Refactoring Catalog toward Post Peta-scale Computing Era”
  • Reiji Suda, “Tools for Exa-Scale Computational Science Codes based on Xevolver”